Nautilus is a Featherweight robot and is built with a steel body and powered by 2x 12v drill motors. It’s a high speed pusher able to operate either way up and is driven by Philip Mann. Philip has made improvements to the body of Nautilus to make more use of the wedge shape design and speed in order to push opponents into the pit.

Nautilus had its first competitive battle at Robot Wars Live in Manchester 2016 where it performed very well. Since then it managed to dislodge the head of house robot Goliath at Robots Live in Reading 2016.

IMG_0597 IMG_0598

In 2017 Nautilus won it’s first fight when driven by team captain Jordan Mann. Nautilus is enjoying semi retirement whilst the team work on other Featherweight robots. Look out for a heavyweight from Team Chimera that may look familiar!