Manchester 2017

Team Chimera are in the final stages of getting Chimera2 ready for Extreme Robots Manchester show on Saturday & Sunday 22nd/23rd April 2017.

Chimera2 was let down by the untested drive system in the recent series of Robot Wars, when the drive system moved and the chain broke; so for 2017 we will be using the live shows to further develop Chimera2 to improve reliability.

You will see from the photos  below, that we have beefed up the supports for the bearings and sprockets which should prevent the movement we experienced when running the front wedge at Robot Wars. The wedge runs directly on the 30mm wheel shaft, and the forces of coming up against Concussions drum spinner moved the internal drive system.

For 2017 we will keep updating this system to get something that is workable and reliable and then create a brand new version, maybe Chimera3 or something with a more imaginable name. 

We hope to see you in Manchester and please come up and say hi.

Thank you.




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