Chimera 2

Chimera 2 is a Heavyweight robot and below sets out the design and construction stages that we have undertaken so far. Team Chimera is keen to retain the same design as the original Chimera, however there will be some critical changes.

The first will be changes to the drive system; we will now be using 2x 800w 24v motors with a 2 stage gearing system. This will increase the maximum speed up to 10mph fingers crossed.

The second is greater protection to the wheels, which will achieved through replacing the car tyres and using HDPE (thick plastic) with a bike tyre around the outside, similar to that used by Nuts or Gabriel. In addition to this, we are adding a wedge/ scoop to the front to reflect anything from the front of the robot.

Below are the steps we have undertaken to date and this will be updated as further changes are made.

Step 1 – CAD = Cardboard Aided Design of the new Chimera 2 Robot.

Cardboard Aided Design

Step 2 – Actual Size Template. 

We then moved on to a wooden actual size model that proved invaluable for testing things out before we started welding.


Step 3 – Building Time. 

We’re now at the stage of construction for Chimera2. It has a steel body that has been custom made in our back garden. with a minimum of 3mm Hardox steel body. Driven  by 2 x 800w 24v motors using a 2 stage gearing system. No car tyres on this one you’ll be pleased to see, but 2 HDPE wheels that will have a tyre around the outside for grip. The front wedge will give the body some protection from spinners etc and HDPE wheels should be less susceptible to being ripped off by spinners. We hope you like it so far.

IMG_0504IMG_0512  IMG_0508  c2 IMG_0506ch2

The weapon will be added to the back and we will be able to change this depending on the battle we are in. Most likely this will be a axe head on a shaft but that will come in Step 4.

Step 4 – Body Construction and Weapons

We’ve now completed the body and added most of the internal frame work. Two new weapons have also been created that are interchangeable depending on the opponent. I hope you agree that it looks pretty awesome, can’t wait to test it.

13882481_283227215387011_8473211454851820260_n 13886485_283227195387013_8310731554087024397_n 13872935_283227168720349_8638830386087285666_n 14100500_289935361382863_4507621420781101997_n 14054196_289935438049522_9206814392011721814_n 14045687_289935404716192_6362394743635384254_n

Step 4 – The Final Robot

Chimera2 is now complete and here it is with the paint job completed ready for the live events in 2017. It will be great to get Chimera2 out on the circuit and to be tested against other robots. We hope you like the hard work we have all put in to getting Chimera2 ready.

 Chimera2 Image

Chimera 2 statistics are:

  • Weight: 110kg
  • Height: tbc
  • Length: tbc
  • Power: 24v
  • Width: tbc
  • Speed: 15mph
  • Year built: 2016/2017

Chimera 2 is unique in the UK with its design of weapon, body and wedge. We will be competing with Chimera 2 in 2017, so we hope to see you at a show soon.