Chimera 2 Step 4 Update

Morning all, Please check out the new step 4 of the build work we have been undertaking with Chimera2. I hope you like the progress that has been made and 2 new weapons created. Thank you.


Chimera2 Building Update

Chimera2 is coming along very nicely, please check out the pictures below.


Chimera Test Video 2016

Morning all, For those of you who missed Chimeras short burst of action in last nights episode of Robot Wars, we have made our test  video available via our Facebook page. Sadly our time was limited last night but this video will give you an idea of how the twackbot is supposed to work. Thanks.


Oh dear Chimera!!

The before and after battle pictures of Chimera from Robot Wars 2016.  Tyres seemed a great novel idea at the time and no reason not to use them in the future, as long as they are surrounded by 10mm of hardox steel!


Robot Wars

Morning everyone and thank you for the positive comments concerning our appearance on episode 2 of Robot Wars 2016. It was a brilliant experience and as Jonathan Pearce said, who would take tyres into the arena!!  Chimera suffered damage to the tyre and steel rim as you can see below and Mr Speed Squared ripped […]


Chimera in Print – The Bolton News

Team Chimera have featured in today’s addition of The Bolton News based on our forthcoming appearance on RobotWars. We made it on the front page and a full spread on Page 3. A very good article that outlines our reasons for entering the competition and our approach to building Chimera and future robots. Can’t wait […]


Chimera2 Build Update

Step 1 of the Chimera2 new build is completed. The body of Chimera2 has been made out of steel following the wooden template we built. The body will house the batteries, 2 stage drive system, speed controllers and motors. The design gives us much more flexibility compared to Chimera1, which will mean it has greater strength, flexibility […]


Team Chimera Lego Replica

Team Chimera have been immortalised in Lego thanks to Tom Beech and his brother. This is a brilliant picture and an amazing likeness.


Sacred Heart RCP School Robot Wars Day 2016

Team Chimera took part in a mini Robot Wars day at Sacred Heart RCP School. Philip and Jordan took Heavyweight Chimera as well as 2 Featherweights Nautilus and Wolfs-Bane to show the children. The children designed the body of their robot themselves and then competed in the arena we had built for them. Jordan patrolled the arena  with […]


Robot Wars 2016

Team Chimera is very proud to announce our participation in the new 2016 series of Robot Wars. Please find out more details on the Robot Wars website. Strap yourself in, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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